Company Lyotrade Freeze Dryers, s.r.o. is a young company that introduced its first lyophilizator of own construction two years ago. Lyophilized food is available in a wide range of shops; however, their origin is unknown. Most of those grocery is lyophilized in India and imported through German companies. Lyotrade wants to change it.

Their mission is to provide farmers and processors with lyophilizer so that they will be able to provide information on how food has been produced, how it has been treated and what it contains.


Lyotrade was looking for a material suitable for improving the shelf system where food trays are stored during the lyophilization process. Some materials are insufficient and crack after a few freezing cycles. Others are so fragile that they cannot withstand a deep vacuum and the air enclosed in the print infill tears the component wall.

The most suitable solution is CPE HG100 developed by Fillamentum. Printing quality is guaranteed by a high-quality manufacturing process that fulfill a thickness tolerance of 0.05mm. Fillamentum materials are designed for professional printing due to their high-performance properties.

The CPE HG100 is supplied with a food contact certificate. This material is remarkably strong and tough. It is very hard to break it. When printing with CPE HG100, there is no need to cover the printer and there is almost no warping.

Due to a production of few lyophilizer per year so far, this Czech company does not have too high demands on the quantity of components. In the product chamber of the device, temperatures of up to - 45 ° C dominate, and it is also a food store - the required material needs to be resistant to both, low temperature and deep vacuum processes. CPE HG100 meets all of these.


During development of the device, which is about to be user-friendly and cost-effective, it is necessary to constantly invest in prototype parts, whose future in the project is often unclear. The company is often looking for a supplier who would be willing to produce few units at a reasonable price. A recurring problem is the minimum order of thousands of pieces. Such testing and then tuning of other and other versions of the component is not only time-consuming but also financially demanding.

A company of 3 members, such as Lyotrade is, is unable to create a full-time job position of a printer and therefore appreciates the easy printing of CPE HG100. Details such as thread can be printed from co-polyester as easily as PLA, which is not the case with PET-Gs of various manufacturers, for example.


In terms of savings, we can compare, for example, the component - a simple cap - to cover the thermostat of the heating blanket. The cap is also a part of the lyophilizer.

Demand from external producer

150 Eur for prototyping + 12 Eur / piece when producing at least 100 pieces

3D printed with Fillamentum:

Used material: CPE HG100

One piece of thread takes about four meters of filament, which costs no more than 0,05 Eur for piece

After good experience with CPE HG100 by Fillamentum, Lyotrade also began to use other materials of this Czech brand. Rather, we used PLA materials of different manufacturers for decoration elements or markings, but after trying PLA Extrafill we decided to stay with this material. The Traffic Black is truly credible and rich black and, like Traffic White, does not leave undesirable artifacts on the surface of the last layer.
— Karel Schmiedberger, executive director

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